The Cost of going Dairy-Free

I shopped for my first round of dairy-free products today!

Total cost left? $9.20 Total cost right? $12.33


My featured players?

Silk Unsweetened Soy Milk

daiya dairy-free “cheese style slices” *snicker*

Silk dairy-free yogurt alternative

SO Delicious dairy-free coconut milk yogurt alternative

The dairy-free options were definitely more expensive, as you can see by the price breakdown. Next week I plan to go to a different store with a wider variety of options and hopefully better prices. Anybody have any good recommendations for dairy alternatives you like?


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  1. Mary Mullins said:

    When I went dairy free, I was limited because I’m allergic to soy. The diaya I thought was gross. But so delicious had an amazing mint chocolate “ice cream” that I indulged in often. Shop n Cart usually had the best price (though still expensive) on the ice cream.

    November 30, 2016

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